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Nov 8, 2023


Welcome to, the leading platform for music, arts, and entertainment in Iran. If you are a music enthusiast, a performer, or simply seeking enjoyment in the vibrant world of music, you have come to the right place. At, we strive to provide a comprehensive hub for all your musical needs, offering a wide range of services and resources to elevate your musical experience.

Exploring the World of Music takes pride in its extensive collection of musical content. From the latest Persian hits to timeless classics from around the world, we have something for every taste. Whether you're a fan of pop, rock, jazz, or traditional Iranian music, our platform offers a diverse selection that will satisfy your musical cravings. We curate playlists, albums, and individual tracks, making it easy for you to find and enjoy the music you love.

Unforgettable Concerts and Music Venues

In addition to providing an online platform for music discovery, also connects you with the best music venues and live performances in Iran. We understand the electrifying atmosphere of a live concert and the unique experience it offers. With our detailed listings, you can stay up to date with the latest concerts, music festivals, and events happening in your area. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of live music.

From intimate jazz clubs to large-scale arenas, covers a wide range of music venues across Iran. Whether you're a performer looking for a stage or an avid concert-goer seeking the next big show, our platform is your go-to resource. We provide insights into the ambiance, facilities, and upcoming events at each venue, ensuring you have all the information needed to plan your perfect musical night out.

Discover Music Videos and Performances

At, we understand the power of visuals in enhancing your musical experience. That's why we offer a vast collection of high-quality music videos and live performances. Immerse yourself in visually captivating music videos that complement the beats and melodies you love. From official releases to talented independent artists, our video catalog satisfies your cravings for both popular and niche music genres.

Furthermore, features exclusive performances from renowned musicians and emerging talents. Watch live recordings of concerts and showcases, giving you a front-row seat to unforgettable musical moments. Our goal is to bring you closer to your favorite artists and introduce you to new, exciting performers from the Iranian music scene.

Supporting Artists and their Craft

As passionate music enthusiasts, we believe in supporting artists and their creative journeys. strives to empower musicians, composers, and performers by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents. We encourage independent artists to upload their tracks, albums, and music videos, allowing them to reach a wider audience and gain the recognition they deserve.

In addition to connecting artists with music lovers, offers various promotional services to help musicians expand their reach. Our platform enables artists to engage with their fans, receive valuable feedback, and foster a dedicated following. Whether you're an aspiring artist or an established musician, is here to support you every step of the way.

The Future of

At, we constantly strive to enhance your musical experience by introducing new features and optimizing our services. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the music industry in Iran, providing you with the latest trends, news, and updates. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that remains the ultimate destination for music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.


Whatever your musical preferences may be, is your one-stop destination for all things related to music, arts, and entertainment in Iran. Explore our extensive collection of music, discover the best live performances and music venues, and immerse yourself in visually stunning music videos. Join us in supporting artists and their craft, while staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in the music industry. Let be your guide to a world filled with melodies, rhythms, and unforgettable experiences.